Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

# Version Designation on release Length Notes
1 original 03:03 The original version has been published under various titles: The song appears under its English title on the promotional single but under its original Hebrew title "כאילו כאן" ("Ke'ilu kan") on the singer's corresponding studio album (see below). Furthermore, it appears under its English title with the Hebrew title added in brackets on the official compilation album.
2 demo כאילו כאן (Ke'ilu kan)/As if Here 03:01 national final version; non-commercial online release; features different lyrics in the intro and the first bridge
3 karaoke 03:03 commercially released through


Cover Release Format Country Includes Source
single CD Israel 1 RateYourMusic
"בועז מעודה" ("Boaz Mauda")
Israel 1 RateYourMusic

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