# Version Desgination on release Length Notes
1 original 03:00 title spelled with three dots on the single cover but without three dots on the lable
2 English A Simple Little Song 03:06
3 German Eine kleine Melodie 03:00 as Bandjo with Anne Cathrine Herdorf
4 Dutch Je leven lang verliefd 03:06 as Bandjo with Anne Cathrine Herdorf
5 Instrumental Instr.
03:06 as Bandjo with Anne Cathrine Herdorf
presented under the Danish title on the Belgian and Dutch international single releases; presented under the English title on the German single release


Cover Release Format Country Includes Source
single A 7" vinyl Denmark 1 Discogs
single B 7" vinyl Sweden 1 Discogs
single C 7" vinyl Belgium 2, 5 Discogs
single D 7" vinyl Netherlands 2, 5 Discogs
single E 7" vinyl Germany 2, 5 Discogs
single F 7" vinyl Germany 2, 3 RateYourMusic
single G 7" vinyl Netherlands 4, 5 Discogs

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